Wish [SOLVED] Add theme setting for "Current Line Outline"


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If I try to make the current line more visible by changing the background color of it, it severely messes up other color settings where I already use the background color. Such as, for instance, Class_Globals below and also the comment on the first line. (The problem isn't shown, just that I use background colors.) They just don't play nice together.

However, if we also could have a setting for "Current Line Outline", I could use that to make the current line stand out a bit more. Just to be super clear I've marked it in the picture below. It's also quite clear how difficult it is to see the current line.

I have no idea if it's possible, but if it is it sure would be nice to have this included at some point.


(I've also attached my custom theme, for the curious people with too much time on their hands. ;-) Should be used with Metro Dark. Remove the ".xml" at the end of the file before using it. Apparently ".vssettings" isn't an allowed extension in the forum.)


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