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There should be something wrong in my FW configuration since I can't access Ookla's speedtest anymore (it shows the "finding optimal server../conencting" message).
I opened up ports 8080 and 5060; tried with both FF and Chrome. But nothing.

I tried with another online service to test my speed and what i read (cable connection to LAN) is 89Mbps/74Mbps respectively download and upload. This is 10% of the nominal subscription which is a 1000Mbps FTTH. Going wi-fi degrades to 10% of cable values...Looks my phone is speedier..

Anyway, have you any hint about fw config? something I could have overlooked? (FW is Comodo Internet Suite, but it should be irrelevant)

nperf.com: d/l 95.22Mbps - u/l 95.36 - latency 17ms
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