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Starting from September, the full version of the following classes and libraries will be available for free (but your donations will still be welcome):
- Gesture Detector
- File Explorer
- SlidingSidebar
I don't have enough time to continue to support them (and FileExplorer is completely outdated by the class provided with UltimateListView).

I'll release, also for free, the NineOldAndroids lib.


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Updated the OCR library to version 1.2.

- Added a timeout parameter to the ExtractFromImage method.

Periklis Koutsogiannis

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LockScreen Create your own lockscreen with just 5 lines of code

Major Update: 2.0

  • Fixed: FC and incorrect handling of phone state changes (ringing, offhook)
  • Added: HomeBlocker functionality through LockScreenController.HomeBlockerEnabled property
  • Updated: Samples, manifest code and forum tutorial
Samples are renamed and updated with new functionality.
Please update your manifest code too!



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Notification Builder updated to version 3. Now includes Wear specific classes / methods.


NotificationCustomLayout - New Method

* SetClickEvent

NotificationBuilder Class - New Methods

* Group
* GroupSummary
* LocalOnly
* SortKey
* Extend

NotificationWearExtender (used to extend the notification with Wear device specific methods):

* AddAction
* AddAction2
* AddPage
* ClearActions
* ClearPages
* (Set/Get) Background
* (Set/Get) CustomContentHeight
* (Set/Get) CustomSizePreset
* (Set) ContentAction
* (Set) ContentIcon
* (Set) ContentIconGravity
* (Set) ContentIntentAvailableOffline
* (Set) DisplayIntent
* (Set) Gravity
* (Set) HideIcon
* (Set) ShowBackgroundOnly
* (Set) StartScrollBottom

NotificationRemoteInput (used to create a remote input (voice) action:

* GetRemoteInput
* (set) Choices
* (set) Label

The remote input has been implemented as a separate class as I feel this will also be used in future by platforms such as Auto and Maybe TV. So, doing it this way will avoid duplicating code within the library.

If you haven't got a Wear device, check out my tutorial on setting up a Wear AVD


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A new and free lib provided with the Java source code.

This library offers more possibilities of animation than AnimationPlus (rotation or translation on the Z axis for 3D effect, animation step by step with events for each step, synchronization between animations, the view size and the contents can change during the animation, etc.).

It works with all versions of Android >= 2 and with all views, even custom ones.