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I am using Table CustomView Version 2.26 to display a table loaded from an SQLite database.
There are 8 columns.

However, when the table is loaded, I get 3 Toastmessages telling me that the number of columns is incorrect-

1. In Sub SetCellAlignments(Alignments()
"The number of aligments is not equal to the number of columns."

2. In Sub SetHeaderAlignments
"The number of aligments is not equal to the number of columns."

3. In Sub SetTypeFaces
"Invalid number of columns"

All 8 columns are displayed and the columns sort correctly.

I note that in the comments it says-

' InitializeTable
' vNumberOfColumns = number of columns including hidden ones
' enter 1 if you use either LoadSQLiteDB, LoadTableFromCSV or LoadTableFromCSV2

Can someone advise how to correct this problem and tell me how I can set vNumberOfColumns to 1, if that is the solution?



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Without seeing your code it's difficult to help you.
How do you add the Table?
It is better to add it in the Designer.
When you load a SQLite database into the Table, no need to call InitializeTable.
If you want to use SetCellAlignments you must call them after LoadSQLiteDB.

Table version 2.26 is the Flexible Table.
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