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Sergio Haurat

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Hi @Alexander Stolte,

I have made a lot of progress with an Android application and finally I decided to pay the U$D99 to Apple and I found this difference:

In general context, when the application starts it tries to know if there is internet or not. If there is no connection, it disables some buttons that depend on connectivity to access a database.

Sub Class_Globals
  Private btnTabMenu As AS_TabMenuAdvanced
  #If B4I
  Private xpnl_bottom As B4XView
  #End If
End Sub

B4A, line 133 to 136

B4I, line 133 to 136 (Ignore the error on line 132, I have to find a way to get the Internet check to work on both operating systems.)

Line 133 error

Line 136 error

Reference library: