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  • Deploying your app to the device in one second? impossible.
  • Modifying the code while the app runs? impossible.

These would have been my answers to the two questions above a few months ago. However things have changed since:

I've described it a bit here: Something new...

Note that it is not clear in the video but it doesn't run the same app (like the "run last deployment" option). I could have changed the code between the deployments.

This feature, named Rapid Debugger will be available in the next version of Basic4android.

The rapid debugger is an extremely sophisticated solution that breaks the app into two apps. One runs on the device (shell app) and the other runs on the PC and controls the device app. This process is transparent for you, the developer.

In most cases there is no need to update the shell app so the installation can be very quick. This also allows all kinds of interesting features such as hot code swapping and other advanced debugging options (watches for example).

The rapid debugger does have its limits. The performance of the running app will be slower (only in this mode!). It will not be useful for real-time games for example. The current debugger will also be kept for now.


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Wow it's really impressive and very hot!!! It will save a lot of our times :)
Big congratulations!
Now i am eager to have news for the release of next version....
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Nova versão, estamos aguardando..

Muito bom

--- Google Trans...
New version, we are waiting ..

very good
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From what I understand it should work over USB or Bluetooth, too.

Awesome feature. Unfortunately I think I will not be able to use it in my weather app because I need some background threads and the threading library is not supported by the debugger.
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