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hello friends,

as you already should know (after i have mentioned it about 100 times) i really like iSpritekit.
i like the logic and how simple it is but what i really miss is the possibility to create tilemaps with Tiled and load them to my project.

so i have decided to make my own Code module. i am making really good progress.
i have managed to load a tmx file with 3 layers (any number of layers is possible) and draw everything in my project.

i am using Xml2Map parsing module by @Erel and its working great.
the next step is to create objects in tiled and load them to my project.

its not a simple task to make a full working lib for tiled but i will try to make the most important parts so it would be able to create levels and load them in b4i.

after i will finish i will compile the code module to a lib and upload it here in the forum so you better stay tuned if you are planning to make ios games ;)

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i am making amazing progress with my code module.
i can say that it is ready for beta tests.

module includes:

- create single or multi tile layers and draw in iSpritekit

- create single or multi Object layers and create a public list that includes the different objects

- add single or multi tilesets

- support any tilesets size and also 2 or more tilesets with different tile size


tileset1: tile size 16*24
tileset2: tile size 32*32

- support custom properties (very useful feature)

- layer that is invisible will be ignored! (very useful if you only want to create a layer to see how it will look like on your game but dont want to import anything to your project)

- all 4 objects supported (polyline, polygon, ellipse, rect)
polyline & polygon will return a Vertices List! after getting all vertices you can create your physics bodies and sknode's.

i made a really complex game for android (pixel knight) and i used Tiled as my game designer and all features i used there (and i used a lot) works now for ios!!
so i am really happy with the result!

i have tested the performance by loading 3 FULL layers of 80*28 tiles (32*32) took only 1.4 sec on the simulator (release mode)
so very good results. you also need to remember that iSpritekit works different then Libgdx.

in Libgdx i have to draw on every Frame the whole TileMap BUT on iSpritekit i just create the sknodes ONCE and add them to my SkScene what means there is no more processing after you create the tilemap at level load! :)

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