Other V5.20 has been released


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I'm happy to release B4A version 5.20. All users who are eligible for a free upgrade should receive an email with installation instructions.

This update adds an important new feature, the "Starter Service".

The Starter service is a special service module that serves as the program single entry point. This feature solves one of the most common bugs in Android apps which happens when the program starts from a secondary activity or service and some of the resources are not ready.

See this link for more information: Starter Service - Consistent & Single Entry Point

Other improvements:
  • Blocks completion: http://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/56983
  • The backwards / forward navigation feature was improved and there is a new list with the recent locations (Alt + N).
  • The Logs font can be changed.
  • Sub names are bold.
  • RingtoneManager.Play method.
  • New Designer navigation pad.
  • Warnings engine improved.
  • #SignKeyFile / SignKeyPassword attributes. Allow using a different signing key based on the build configuration.
  • Colors list in the designer color picker.
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements.


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I see the "Starter" module in new proyects, but, how to add it to existing ones?

Just ad a new service and name it "Starter"?



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EREL ...Good updates ,.... am enjoying the new GUI in v5.x and its features...
As always a PROFESSIONAL thanks for a great product.
(Never did get a Version number incrementing each time we compiled ??? or have I missed it ??)


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@Erel How can I check my license? Your email said this:
As an existing customer you can purchase B4A Enterprise (includes two years of free upgrades) for $69 instead of $119.
Does it mean my license is expired?


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Ok, I found old mail from PayPal for B4A invoice. I paid new license and waiting for new version of B4A.