B4J Tutorial [Websites] Create a Login page with UOENow+BANano

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  1. Mashiane

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    The Creative Tim Now UI Kit comes with 3 example pages. By using the UOENow library we have tried to replicate the features to come as close to the provided examples as much as possible.

    Download UOENow

    A Profile Page was created
    A Landing Page was also created

    Now we look at the login page. This will ONLY have a header section that has a navigation bar and a footer. The footer will be added to the header with a background image to fill the complete area of the header.


    These examples have been included with the latest version of UOENow and can be accessed at the bottom of the page by selecting any of the images / clicking relevant buttons.

    The complete login page looks like the image below.


    This threads completes the example pages demos provided.
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  2. Mashiane

    Mashiane Expert Licensed User

    As noted above, the login input boxes are not having any borders and they look bigger. This is because these have been set to remove the borders and that a 'large' class attribute has also been added to them. The footer also has been added to the header and thus transparent.

    As usual, somewhere on the Init method of pgloginpage code module, we have code to finalize the setup.

    ' we also add the footer to the header
    Page.Content.Visible = False
    Page.Footer.visible = False
    'remove the border of the first name & lastname
        App.InputNoBorder(Array As String("fname","lname"))
    'make the input large for the firstname
        App.InputLarge(Array As String("fname","lname"))
    A filter for the header is added to be orange and a background image is added. We then add a container with the login content and then add a footer to the header. We then hide the page and actual footer for the page by setting .visible = false. This is because automatically, the footer and content containers are created for each page.

    We then add a class to the body of the page 'login-page', create the page html structure by injecting the body using BANano's sethtml method. For the existing input controls we remove the border and then call the method to make them 'larger'.
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  3. Mashiane

    Mashiane Expert Licensed User

    Sub HeadingSection As UOENowContainer
    Dim div As UOENowContainer
    Dim co As UOENowContainer
    Dim col As UOENowContainer
    "",False,"","col-md-4 ml-auto mr-auto")
    'create a card
        Dim card As UOENowCard
    "lcard","","card-login card-plain")
    'center the card header content
    ' add the company logo
    ' add firstname
        card.Body.AddTextBox(0,0,"fname","","First Name","now-ui-icons users_circle-08","","","","")
    ' add last name
        card.Body.AddTextBox(0,0,"lname","","Last Name","now-ui-icons text_caps-small","","","","")
    'center the footer
    0,0,"getstarted","Get Started","","#pablo","",App.EnumButtonSize.large,False,True,App.EnumThemes.Primary,"btn-block")
    'add create account, the left should float to the left
        Dim ca As UOENowContainer
    Dim cal As String = ca.GetAnchor("","Create Account","#pablo","",False,"","link")
    'add get help
        Dim ca As UOENowContainer
    Dim cal As String = ca.GetAnchor("","Need Help?","#pablo","",False,"","link")
    'hide the imageoverlay on the card
        card.ImageOverlay.Visible = False
    Return div
    End Sub
    The input controls in this instance are created inside a card component with a centered heading. On the heading of the card we add the company logo, then on the body add the input controls without titles but placeholders. On the footer is the Getting Started button.

    Because we want to have ability to create an account and also when one needs help, we place these on either side of the button, Create Account on the left and Need help on the right, this done by applying pullright and pullleft classes to the containers. Both these containers are added to the footer.

    As a card has an imageoverlay also, we hide this, return this as a container that is eventually added to the header.
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  4. Mashiane

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    The footer of the page is created as usually like before, but in this case, it will be added to the header of the page, thus we return it as its own component.

    'design and return the footer to be used in the header
    Sub Footer As UOENowFooter
    Page.Footer.CenterOnPage = True
    'add a nav
        Dim nav As UOENowNav
    'add a list to the nav
        Dim lst As UOENowList
    "","Creative Tim","https://www.creative-tim.com","","",False,False)
    "","About Us","http://presentation.creative-tim.com","","",False,False)
    'set up copyright
        Page.Footer.CopyRight.CopyRight.AddText(", Designed by ")
    Page.Footer.CopyRight.CopyRight.AddText(". Coded by ")
    Page.Footer.CopyRight.CopyRight.AddAnchor1(0,0,"","Creative Tim","https://www.creative-tim.com",App.EnumTarget.blank,False,"","")
    Return Page.footer
    End Sub
    This returned Footer is added with

    as noted above.

    Getting/Setting content and adding events follow the normal BANano methodologies.

    That should cover it!

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