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Hiya All,
A few days ago I created in Chit Chat a post just to show how quickly a basic nice looking 1 module database driven app can be created in B4A, here is the link to that post

I showed my 8 year old godson the app and after he played with it and asked a few questions, I decided to turn the app into a fully fledged usable app for the Play Store, yes he inspired me.

Anyway I Added 4 extra screens (modules) and I also fine tuned the app to my N7 phone, it should look good on all devices though. Doing this extra work took me about five or six hours or so, it was pretty simple to do to tell you the truth, but I made a couple of simple mistakes that took me a long time to notice :p.

Anyway, when I get back home later I'll have to test this app out on my N7 and Tab tablets.

Here is the link to the app in the Play Store Download it and give it a go, don't forget to leave your feedback ;).

The free version has 'Flag search' (the main screen), 'Flag list', 'Flag quiz' and 'Match the flag', the rest will be made available as an in-app purchase for £0.99, $0.99, €0.99 etc for everything.

1. 10 random country quiz questions

2. View results for the above quiz (6/10 average)


3. Filter as you type country results

4. Full country list with flags and population

5. View selected country on Google Maps

6. Match the flags game with animated flips

7. Answer simple maths questions to reconstruct flags

8. Flag based sliding classic puzzle game

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Peter Simpson

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Hey thanks you guys :)

As I've now added this app to the Play Store, I've updated the first post with the store link.

I've updated the app by adding a quiz results page which was suggested to me, that way you can see which questions you got correct or not. I also had to adjust a couple of the layouts so that they fitted correctly on smaller screen phones like the Samsung S3 Mini.

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Hiya @jahswani,
I'm just using the normal built in SQLite database.

Animated using the FlipImageView library :cool:

Coming soon, animated match the flags game

It's fully working, I just need to decide when I should upload it to the Play Store. It will probably be in a week or so. Catching which image was clicked was a pain to do with the particular library that I was using, but I managed to do it :)

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