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Hi Guys

I had a previous build rejected (crashed at startup) by Apple. I have fixed the problem and uploaded the new file (with new version number) to itunes using the B4I IDE.

However, I it don't show the new version on the left of App Store Connect/My App screen. it only shows the previous versions 1.0.7 (which was ok) and 1.0.10 (which was rejected).

If I select the version v1.0.10 and click the "Submit for review" button on the right is shows the message.

"Newer Build Available

Are you sure you want to submit this build for review? A newer build of your app is available. To submit the newer build, delete this earlier build and resubmit."

So I have to submit a newer build (which I believe I have done v1.0.11 but it don't show on the left) - and how do I delete this earlier build?

Can someone help, sorry if I have missed an step in the process or obvious button on Apple's site.



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Hi Erel

Yes I received a email at 12.22 from iTunes Store that stated "the build has completed processing" - so perhaps I jumped the gun waiting for the new version to show in the list.

Anyway, I did find out how to switch to the latest build (can't be the correct method to switch to a later version surely).

On the v1.0.10 App screen (rejected version) you moved down the form to the version number and clicked on the little red button next to it.
This allowed me to select v1.0.11 (the new corrected version) - I then edited the App screen changing the version number to v1.0.11 and completed the "what new notes". Then pressed the re-submit button, which it appeared to accept.
Then at 13.34 I got an email from Apple (referencing the original version v1.0.10) stating "Prepare for Upload" followed by another email at 13.37 referring to v1.0.11 (the new version) saying "Waiting For Review".

I will await the results, but looking at the Apple site it does look like its in for approval - find out tomorrow.

Kind regards
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