Other B4A and B4J frameworks are open sourced


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Most of B4A and B4J libraries are open source now: https://github.com/AnywhereSoftware
They are licensed with Apache 2.0 license which is quite permissive.

The purposes of open sourcing the frameworks are:

1. Provide developers full control over their projects.
2. Allow developers to better understand how the internal framework works.
3. Make it easier for developers to build libraries.

At this point we are not accepting code contributions.
While you can build modified versions of the core libraries in most cases it is not recommended. If you do choose to build a modified library then name it differently so it will be clear that it is a modified library.


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The funny thing is that, we do not want to learn Java so we choose B4A.
Now the core open sourced is entirely in Java, obviously.

Only a programmer well versed in Java will understand, forget about changing it.
So aren't we inadvertently admitting that we should know Java, for Android development ?

Well I can not make any head or tail of the core sources. Maybe experts here will make enhancements and share the new core etc. libraries with different features.




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Outstanding! It will make a great source to see how to wrap libraries as well.

Cristian Rufino

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It is great news. A good source of consultation for those who wish to develop libraries for B4A and have little knowledge of how to do it, learning from the best


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My opinion is that open sourcing could cause issues with cybersecurity.
There are always pros and cons of any option.
Erel, made the core open to facilitate the java developers outside B4X to look at the base of B4X and feel at home in taking up B4X as development too.

Some may take advantage of it, as you mention. But since we are always using what Erel gives us and there is no acceptance of contribution, so it is minimized, IMHO.
May be Erel can give more insight on it.




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Hello, Erel!
I want to update jetty to the latest version. To do this I need to make changes to the jServer code. I found out that jServer uses jetty_b4j.jar. Could you give a list of jar to build jetty_b4j.jar