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Discussion in 'Tutorials & Examples' started by klaus, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. klaus

    klaus Expert Licensed User

    As already written somewhere, there isn't and there will never be a donate link.
    I do this because I have pleasure doing it.
    It maintains my brain and my english, I am retired. Programming has been a hobby for some decades now
    If one day, I wouldn't have any pleasure doing it I would stop.
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  2. Cableguy

    Cableguy Expert Licensed User

    That's it, you've started loosing it!
    (Just kidding Klaus, keep them coming! )
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  3. klaus

    klaus Expert Licensed User

    Hi Cableguy, thank you for the bug report :) !
    Sorry, it should have been there isn't and there will never be ...
  4. Mashiane

    Mashiane Expert Licensed User

    Thanks a million for these books, learned additional things already. Kinda curious on

    1. JavaObject
    2. Wrapping third party libraries

    Is there a plan for those as well

  5. klaus

    klaus Expert Licensed User

    These two subjects are not in my to do list.
    Currently I am working on a SQLite booklet.

    1. JavaObject / NativeObject
    It is easy and complicated. The methods are easy to understand.
    But the difficulty is to understand how Android, Java and iOS work, then study and understand the documentation.

    2. Wrapping third party libraries
    I have no experience in this filed, never wrapped a third party library.
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  6. Cableguy

    Cableguy Expert Licensed User

    this one I need to read!
  7. SpaceAgent

    SpaceAgent Member Licensed User

    Hello Klaus, Erel,

    I had big plans developing an app for a hardware project, and bought B4A in early 2017, still haven't written a line of code.
    As we all know time goes by very quickly sometimes (specially when in the flow, realizing it is the next day and needing wc quickly, when coming out of the trance). Updates and new concepts seems to coming very frequently...well done Erel and your team!
    As when deciding to clean up in the garage...I go in...and I go out again a few seconds later. Because i didn´t know where to start!

    As Erel had said, just start, and of course it is true, just start taking one thing in the garage and decide to throw it out or keep it or make something new out of it! Simply just begin. But I am not 15 anymore, I would like to see documentation that explains concepts on top of just Hello Worlds.

    Cableguy mentioned a new feature still not in your (Klaus, but I am writing to Erel and his team at the same time) documentation yet. it is on your ToDo list. It's these kind of small things I have been waiting for. A documentation that i can print out, I don´t care if it is a 1000 pages. But I would like to be able to create in my mind the possibilities available, not just simple get started projects, but also an explanation of the concepts, wrapping, code that doesn´t look like Basic to me any longer... and so on. Why I would like to be able to print it out is that i can not, or do not want to sit and read a 1000 page documentation on my computer or phone, but on the beach, Starbucks, waiting in the bank! Or where ever, i already spend too much time in front of the screen daily.

    I looked at a B4A YouTube Tutorial, it was maybe in the beginning of the YouTubeTutorials. It was not very helpful, not being able to see the screen properly and generally it was not helpful. Perhaps it is better now. I have of course serched for tutorials on YouTube and they are several years old.

    Just below my post, proves a bit my point with the software being devoled faster than the documentation. It say´s:
    This thread is more than 59 Days old.
    It is recommended to start a new thread for further discussion:
    B4A Question | B4i Question | B4J Question | B4R Question
    I am aware that this thread is rather old but I still want to make a reply.

    59 days!!! That is two month´s. so this thread is already old school...see my point.

    I would like to start using B4A tomorrow. Which would be the best document, book to buy, anything, that is up to date, so i can think big, start small.

    Any help is useful!
  8. Paulo Rosa

    Paulo Rosa Member Licensed User

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  9. SpaceAgent

    SpaceAgent Member Licensed User

    Thank you Paulo,
    I followed your links...I have bought this book (ebook)!!! But in 2017, I will look into an update possibility. 2 years it said now when I looked. Must find my purchase details...I want
    Late here in the night now. i will follow it up tomorrow.

    Thank you Paulo!
  10. Paulo Rosa

    Paulo Rosa Member Licensed User


    The author's website says that "Customers who purchase the ebook from Penny Press Store are entitled to a free upgrade to later editions for 2 years following their purchase."

    I also bought mine ebook in 2017 (October), but I purchased from Amazon in kindle format. So far, Amazon is following up the author's updates. Amazon is not updating my eBook automatically, though, may that's because mine is a Brazilian Amazon account. Anyway, whenever I'm aware of an update, I contact Amazon support and they immediately update my copy.

    BTW, my feeling is that this book has a comprehensive and formal approach to B4A.

  11. SpaceAgent

    SpaceAgent Member Licensed User

    Now I found that, that is the ebook I already have! It has not been updated since 2017.

    Anything more up to date?

    Searching the forum for every second line of code to write, and not actually understanding any of the concept behind the code...I think the learning will be very slow, from just copy and paste and hope the code to work.

    If Yin is the B4A, Yang is the documentation.
  12. Paulo Rosa

    Paulo Rosa Member Licensed User

    The eBook is updated for B4A 8.3.
  13. SpaceAgent

    SpaceAgent Member Licensed User

    Not intending to be rude here now, but that means it has not been much change from V8.3 to V8.5...still people are thanking Erel for fantastic upgrades this year, so something must have been added, or is it bugs that has been found...from the B4A crowd it seems more like more features added.
    Where to find the in-between documentation from V8.3 to V8.5. in the Forum searches?
  14. DonManfred

    DonManfred Expert Licensed User

    Filling this thread with crap is not the right way to start programming with b4x.
    As you already got told you should create a NEW THREAD in the questionsforum for any question you have. No matter if the Thread is one week or 10 years old.

    It has to be started HERE. Posting to this thread is the wrong way.
  15. SpaceAgent

    SpaceAgent Member Licensed User

    I thought one of the criteria was to have nice tone here. I have been a member of this forum ONE day! Welcome to you too! DonManfred, before I start a new thread, can you please point out the crap i have added here.

    So now I need to copy and paste all of it into a new thread...seems pretty pointless. But I will do it except for the crap you will help me to point out. Thanks.
  16. alwaysbusy

    alwaysbusy Expert Licensed User

    Hi SpaceAgent, Welcome!

    I don't think DonManfred meant to be rude, but was just pointing out how Erel tries to organize the forum. We found out that the continuous adding to the same post quickly deviates from the original post and people start to ask unrelated questions (I personally don't think yours about the releases was necessary so, but it could escalate fast ;)). The problem with adding to 'old' cases is that the question that is asked has been already answered elsewhere later. And moreover, it is a lot easier for other people who have the same question, to find the answer if the question is posted in a separated thread.

    As to an answer to your question, I do a search like this: "B4A Change log", which brings me to this post (you may want to bookmark it for later reference):
  17. SpaceAgent

    SpaceAgent Member Licensed User

    Thanks ABM!
    I think you are the first one to Welcome me! Thanks!

    I looked at the change log and it does not mean much to me at the moment.

    When in a flow, searching in a Forum for an answer distracts the flow and it is lost. Back to reality...
    It is why I would like a concurrent documentation with the latest compiler. To Study BEFOREHAND.
    But I assume now from what I have researched, this is the shortcoming of B4X, the documentation.
    I have so many potential customers, that i can not afford to get stuck in the mix of the Google changes and the forum, sorry answers, it is Google...

    I will get through this, one thing worries me, all support answers, updates etc, everything comes from Erel, is Erel a very common name in your country, or does Erel never sleep? It kinds of worries me if just one person is behind all this and I write a commercial application...and Erel catches the flu...then what?
    I guess we need to start another thread - What happens if Erel needs a months Holiday, in Thailand which turned out to be a three months holiday?
  18. SpaceAgent

    SpaceAgent Member Licensed User

    DONATE! Now I am going to make this thread even crazier! You who have Donate buttons on your posts, can I hire you for consultation, ABM, DonManfred and others I assume? I am wiling to pay to delegate away my time.
  19. udg

    udg Expert Licensed User

    Hi @SpaceAgent , welcome to our community.
    The subject about Erel being alone or just a name used by a group of smart programmers was debated a few times in the past. What we all agree on is that in several years there was no single moment when we felt alone or when support was lacking. There are even plans for exceptional situations like Anywhere Software deciding to quit its business. So, in general, no worries.

    About the Donate buttons. They are there to show a possible alternative way to say "thank you" to a member that was particularly helpful or that posted very useful code or for any other reason that suggests you to donate some money. Generally a "like" for useful posts will suffice.

    To hire someone it's better to use the Job Offers section in the forum.
    Or you could start a private conversation with a specific member (or even a small group) if you like so.

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  20. SpaceAgent

    SpaceAgent Member Licensed User

    Hi udg,

    Thank you for your answers, my curiosities have been answered!
    I will pay more attention to the topics and stay with the topic. Ope a new topic if deviation.

    Thank you All!
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