Android Tutorial [B4X] Documentation Booklets


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The first post has been updated!
Erel has converted the B4X Booklets into html format to be shown in a web page.
The different links allow you to display the booklets directly in your browser.
For the example project codes, you still need to download the booklets zip file.


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Can I make plea for the booklets to have informative titles? These show in the tabs in Acrobat Reader (and maybe other readers). At the moment many just show as "Beginners Guide" which does not help with switching between them. The SQL booklet has no title at all.

I have tried to edit titles myself but failed...


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I had seen this too, but haven't yet found the solution to change these.
The original files are Word files and I export them as pdf files.
For these booklets, I used the Beginner's Guide Word file and adapted it.
But I don't know why this name is still in there.
Will look deeper into it.

Found it.
In Word files there exist a Title field, this was set to Beginner's Guide.
The booklets will be updated quite soon!
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