Android Tutorial [B4X] Documentation Booklets

The B4X documentation booklets are available in PDF format, Download Link.
All files are included in the zip file in the link above, pdf booklets and all the source code.

You can also download all the source code for al booklets, SourceCode.

These booklets cover the four B4X platforms.
Some don't cover B4R because the subject is not relevant for B4R like Visual Designer.

Example projects with source code are included.

All booklets can be accessed online with the links below.
The generic link is:
In this example we reach the B4xCustomViews booklet page 59:
The booklet names must begin with B4x (the x is in lower case) and without blank characters.
The summary of the list can be found here: Documentation
To get the source code of the example projects you can either download the entire zip file with the pdf booklets or only the source codes with the SourceCode link on top or at the end in the list below.

General booklets:
B4X Getting started
This booklet explains how to start with each B4x product (B4A, B4i, B4J and B4R).
B4X Language
This booklet explains the language for B4A, B4i, B4J and B4R.
This booklet explains the Integrated Developpment Environment for B4A, B4i, B4J and B4R.
B4X Visual Designer
This booklet explains the Visual Designer for B4a, B4i and B4J.
B4X Help tools
This booklet explains some help tools for B4X. In the previous editions, its content was a chapter in the four booklets above.

Specific booklets:
B4XPages Cross-platform projects
This booklet explains how to make cross-platform projects.
B4X Custom Views + CustomViews_SourceCode, specific code for this booklet.
This booklet explains the CustomView subject for B4A, B4i and B4J.
B4X Graphics
This booklet explains Graphics for B4A, B4i, B4J, XUI And BitmapCreator.
This booklet explains the XUI library which makes it easier to share code between B4A, B4J and B4i projects.
B4X SQLiteDatabase
This booklet explains the use of the SQLite library
B4X JavaObject-NativeObject
This booklet explains the use of JavaObjects (B4A and B4J) and NativeObjects (B4i)

B4R ExampleProjects
This booklet explains some B4R example projects.

Zip file containing all the source codes.

The current editions are 2.4
All booklets have the same edition number, to avoid confusion.
They cover:
B4A version 11.80
B4i version 8.00
B4J version 9.80
B4R version 3.90

Future booklets:
None in the to do list.

Some of these booklets exist in Spanish:

Español, Spanish.
Translated by Manuel Martinez.
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PS: Could you please change the name of the B4X Basic Language booklet into B4X Language in the Documentation pages.

I'm uploading the correct Booklets zip. Should be online in a few minutes.

New method ?
It is a bit cumbersome but you can link to a specific page with an anchor:
The tricky part is that it expects a hex value.
Page 10:
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