Share My Creation B4XCode Material Kit

Hello everyone :)
*Starting off by thanking @Erel for making this possible for us ♥

We have started building an amazing Material Kit Library.

Currently it contains 7 designs, but we are planning on reaching 400+ designs before the end of this year.

Purchasing this library will give you :
1- Future designs updates (Life time free updates)
2- Library B4A Source Code
3- Jar + Xml Files

Library cost price : 20$

*If you have any question or you need help please contact us @ : [email protected] or @ : [email protected] and we will get back to you right away.

We will upload the design updates here

Thank you,
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Colin Evans

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The project has been updated and the update will be sent via email shortly

*If you didn't receive an update email within the next 2 hours then email us at :

[email protected]

And we will get back to you right away.

Thank you,
Hi Saif, looking forward to receiving the update, just a quick question did you do anything with the database you were working on, Colin


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Hi guys,
It's amazing, thank you so much!
How can I buy it?
I tried sending an email but haven't received a response.

thank you


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Thank you Anand 🙏
Nobody reply to my email after a few days, and about private chat I can't find this option in forum!

Saif, do you hear me?
Maybe he is again busy, hopefully in new project.
For private chat, click on his name/avatar and start conversation, see image attached.



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then I assume he already paid for a license way back then
If I'm not wrong you could register in the forum without buying a license. If I remember correctly, I registered on the forum, asked a couple of questions, then I decided to buy the license and I became a licensed member


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Hi. I sent them a mail about the update on 25/02 and resent email various times later. No response.