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Discussion in 'B4J Share Your Creations' started by Mashiane, May 16, 2019.

  1. Mashiane

    Mashiane Expert Licensed User

    We have liftoff...;)

    Public Website:

    Update: Added Online Application Module for registration...

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  2. Kiffi

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    Congratulations! :)

    A small suggestion: The pictures (at least amitekloc.png with about 9 MB) are quite big. Your site is about 16 MB. There is still optimization potential. ;)

    Greetings ... Peter
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  3. Mashiane

    Mashiane Expert Licensed User

    Thanks, I have not done any optimization as yet, still need to consolidate the resource files etc. As I am using a lib that comes with predefined resources, some of the components in that lib are not used in the website, so I still need to filter these out and only have resources that I use only for the project.
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  4. Mashiane

    Mashiane Expert Licensed User


    What the? A company project to mock UOENow input forms and backend database CRUD functionality.

    MySQL Database - For MySQL, the table structure is directly created to the underlying MySQL backend database.
    UOENow Forms - from the database model defined, the look of the underlying entry form is mocked, enabling our designers to place/move input elements with RC coordinates
    BANanoSQL - to test the logic of our mock ups, the BANanoSQL database is used as featured in this thread.
    Database Structures - whilst planning to use MySQL as the ultimate backend with PHP language, are busy exploring the power of inline php for simple SPA.


    This uses all the functionality discussed in these threads:

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  5. Mashiane

    Mashiane Expert Licensed User

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