Basic4android v2.20 is released!!!

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This version includes the following improvements:
  • For Each blocks
  • Declaration and assignment in the same statement - Two new language features in the next version
  • B4A-Bridge - many stability improvements related to both Bluetooth mode and wireless mode
  • B4A-Bridge supports logging on all devices including Android 4.1+. Requires B4A-Bridge 2.07
  • Menu items will now appear in the action bar on Android 3.0+ devices
  • Default target level set to 14
  • WYSIWYG designer uses device default theme. Supports changing themes: New feature: better support for modern Android themes
  • Designer includes a new color value: DEFAULT. The meaning of this value is that the theme default color will be used.
  • Designer script new keywords make it easier to build user interfaces that scale correctly on all phones and tablets: Min, Max, AutoScale, AutoScaleAll and AutoScaleRate: New feature: AutoScale and other new designer script keywords
  • Optimized designer layout files - loading time is 3 - 4 times faster
  • MediaPlayer can play files from File.DirInternal
  • Map.Keys / Values - allows iterating over map entries with For Each
  • Panel / Activity.RemoveAllViews
  • LayoutValues.ApproximateScreenSize - returns the approximate device physical screen size
  • Sign key alias key can be changed (requires editing the settings file)
  • Activity/Panel.LoadLayout can now be used from classes
  • Camera_Preview event

Update: V2.22 is now available.
You can download this version from the same link as the previous version.

This version fixes several bugs including the InputType property not being updated by the designer.
Other changes:
  • Variant chooser method improved: variants orientation is better handled (landscape phone variants will be chosen on landscape tablets as well)
  • Activity.AddMenuItem / AddMenuItem2 on Android 3+ will add the menu items to the overflow menu
  • Activity.AddMenuItem3 allows you to choose whether to add the menu items to the action bar (if there is enough room)

  • Layout files saved in version 2.20+ cannot be loaded on older versions of the IDE
  • Libraries in the internal libraries folder have first priority (changed from previous versions)
  • B4A.xml file was updated. If you are using a custom color scheme then you can copy the relevant section to the new file.


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is it possible that I buy a few stock before Anywhere Software go Wall Street?

Erel, thanks for being with us personally and not being out of touch like
Big Guys.
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"There might be a following for the B4A product, but your update and bug fix policies do not indicate that you yourself stand by your product."

Say What???

Before I start refering to a-hole here, let us remind ourselves of where we have been and where we are now.

First: (barely activities)
Then: Code Mods
Then: Service Mods
All the while: community contribution from great people
Now: To much to list...

I, as many others attest, could not be happier.

My Slant:
Buddy, I suggest you develop with some other product... and see what you get. Where in the hell did the above quote come from? Obviously - the uninformed (or Erel's compition). It is very good thing that not many will take your comment at face value. In fact - many object.

:sign0080: you
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Hi Kanaida

Yes that is done. It has stoped working on both my PC and Laptop. But I installed the old version on another PC and used the original code and it works.

What I have noticed is that once the original code has been touched by the new version, then it will not work on the old or new version.

I have lost a days work on the code changes so I am going to stop now and pick up on this on Saturday (once I have calmed down I will take a fresh look at it)


Hi Steven,

i have the same problem - did you find a solution in the meantime?

Thanks for every hint

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Optimized designer layout files - loading time is 3 - 4 times faster

I'd taken a break from programming for a while (resting on my laurels, so to speak) but I finally got around to working with the latest version of B4A last night. I still have other new features to test, but one thing I had wondered about the above quote was whether "faster" referred to loading the B4A project or faster loading in the compiled app.

Wow! I've always felt my app was a bit slow due to lots of graphical buttons, and other factors, but after compiling with this latest version, there is a very noticeable increase in loading speed of all screens. Although not 3-4 times faster, I'd say about twice as fast on average. From around 2 seconds to 1 second or less. That is a big deal to me! :sign0098: :sign0188:

I always expect (and receive) great things in each update, but the speed increase was a pleasant bonus!
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Input Type Not Works...


After update version... on designer... when I put


I past version, NUMBERS KEYBOARD open...
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Default target level set to 14

For some reason I never fully understood the implications of setting something like this. I realize that setting this option in the manifest editor will allow my app to utilize the action bar as well as use "themes" where applicable, but will setting this option change the minimum requirement for my app? That being Android 1.6 and up?
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Missing jar file for library

Hello guys. I'm having this problem after upgrading. (actually it is from the previous upgrade).
When I open a program made with a previous version of Basic4Android (versions 1.xx for example), I am getting the error Missing jar file from library C:\\Program Files\Anywhere Softwhere\Basic4Android\libraries\AndroidManifest.xml
I do notice the AndroidManifest.xml is there, but there is not an AndroidManifest.jar if that's what it is looking for.

I tried installing it over a previous version and also tried uninstalling the older version first.

Great job Erel, Staff and our B4A community :)
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