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DOMAI - Beauty of the day (* Warning - contains nudity *)

The homepage of this photographer offers an app. Having looked at the app, I decided with B4A I could do better. This is my answer, Which I offer here. The photographer has been informed from the start and also has the app.

* Warning - contains nudity *

Libraries used:
  • Core
  • Dialogs
  • HTTP
  • OSLibrary
  • RSImageProcessing
  • ScrollView2D
  • StringUtils

Many thanks to the library developers.:sign0098:

Starting the App shows the About screen, this is one of my photos. Press ok to continue.
The current Beauty of the day is downloaded and displayed. Using the menu, the user can select an URL, which is then loaded, parsed and the images stripped. Initially 6 images are displayed in a scrollview. CLicking an image will load the original full size image
Menu options:
  • Full Screen - reduce to screen size
  • Back - as it suggests

Events during viewing:
  • Click - also calls menu (requirement from photographer)
  • Long Click - Save current image.

Directories used/created:
  • File.DirRootExternal + goddess : Temp directory
  • File.DirRootExternal + domai : Save directory

Current Version is 1.11 and has 5 URL's hardwired. Don't forget, 2 are updated daily.

Changing the maximum number of images to load is a menu option. More images = slower app.

Finally, the currently selected URL can be opened in a webview.

Its not perfect. Feel free to comment. Thanks

The apk file is unfortunately too big for this forum. It can be downloaded from hier


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Thanks for the comment Erel. I have no problem with the image removal. I did put a warning in the text.