Android Question How to use a B4XTable in a ScrollView? [Solved]

Francisco Gonzalez 1962

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Hello, a newbie here:

In my layout I have several Label views and EditText views to allow the user to input parameters, a SwiftButton View to trigger a calculation and a Label view to show one of the results of the calculation. So far so good, everything runs smoothly.
Now I want to display the (double) elements of a 2D array that are another result of the calculation and I think that a B4XTable could be a good candidate to use here.

As this array can be quite big I decided to insert everything in a ScrollView to allow the users to navigate scrolling thru the array's elements.

Every Label view, EditText view and Button view is successfully removed for their parent view using RemoveView, but when doing so to the B4XTable, I get an error message:

Unknown member: removeview
Please can you help me?




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