Share My Creation Skype & Twitch Alternative : Source code for sale

Hello everyone,
*Thank you Erel for making this possible for all of us :)

Watching apps like Skype making 41.1 Million dollars per year (in 2019), and twitch making 3.9 Billion dollars per year
All of the above numbers makes us all think, why isn't my app next to them? making millions if not billions per year?

"A single idea from the human mind can build cities" from inception
So here we are, it's been decided; we will start making and developing the next Skype & Twitch platform! :)

The project will contain the below functions :
1- Video/Audio chat
2- Team meetings (meaning 3-5 members could join the conference call)
3- Video Call stream (a normal team meetings function but allowing others (unlimited number of viewers ) to view the call)
4- Canvas interaction (Sharing a canvas and able to view/draw on it together)
5- Call Recording
6- Viewers could interact with streamers by clicking on animated Emojies and by sending text messages publicly
7- Shop (just like twitch : the viewers could purchase emojis different from the free emojis and send it to the streamers)

The project is built in :
1- B4J system admin :
1-1 Control users inforamtion
1-2 upgrading/blocking streamers
1-3 managing the Shop wallet and sales
1-4 Able to end any stream instantly and showing the reason for the end on the screen for the viewers

2- B4A mobile app (to chat and create streams)
3- Microsoft SQL Database
4- JRDC2 Technology

And many features but we can't announce them yet.
and of course if you have an idea you would like us to add it then please feel free to write it and we will add it :)

The project has been released :)

Project Price : 35$
fs-payment1 (1).png

Once you send the payment please send us an email : [email protected]

As we have mentioned here :
Every sale we make we will donate 25% to B4X by the end of every week !
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