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I currently have SQLite Studio loaded. Is this a good one to use or is there something better?

I am working with a database from MS Access that I have converted to SQLite that was for a app written in VB6. I loved the simplicity of VB6 but it seems that Microsoft is working real hard to make VB6 harder to use so I am looking for alternatives and B4J happens to be at the top of the list. I never managed to successfully get SQLite to work in VB6 and am tired of trying to figure out why. I am assuming that desktop, android, IOS, and SQLite are all working OK.

Enrique Gonzalez R

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for your first question. yes. SQlite Studio is enough and a good tool. are there better? well that is preferences for each one. i use to sqlite Studio

Yes! sqlite will work on any OS, at least the ones you are mentioning .


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i using DB Browser for SQLite.
most of the time i used data access via odbc driver and data access object (dao 3.51) in vb6.
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