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Well, I ve decided to create a Form-View Generator (B4J - B4A)... that creates Forms with B4XTable + with no writing code at all...
The Designer is in B4J code, the produced code/files working at B4A too !!!

- It uses SQLite, easily can change at any SQL Database (mysql, mssql... etc)
- You can select table... columns/fields.. change them order... delete from view (not from sql table)
- When columns/fields automatically inserted at the listview for ordering - automatically changes type (when double -> 0.00, when int just 0/number, date->text center..)
- You can change width, columns captions, type/formatting fast...
- First column is always the key for "SELECT .. from table where ..."
- With Saving View - automatically generate the view and also creates .json file editable with Erel's FormBuilder (adding extra key for formatting numbers too)
- When opening first time select the database and working folder... creates ini for not asking everytime the same (if you are using it for projects is useful)
- Also includes a way creating html files (when selecting print button at the result-form-view)... that are printable... and beautiful viewing too..
- All the buttons at the result-form-view are working search, show all, edit, delete, print, add new.. using b4xdialog, preferencesdialog with auto generated files...
- For the result-form using SwiftButtons - XUI Views... and B4X Controls... so will be very easy to run at B4A...
- Tip: if a Column in Database is required... then automatically at the generated .json (Formbuilder) readable from preferencesdialog - required too...

What do you think ?



Check here video with Test in Android... // Another Video Example for Android... // An Example video for Windows App

Here you can Download an APK Demo with a Result-End-User-Example to check it how it works !!!

What you will get ?
  • Form-View Generator (source code for B4J)
  • Form-View Generator (executable)
  • EasyViewTable.bas (that works at B4J, B4A.. didn’t tried at B4I)
  • Various Open Source CMD Line utilities, including mine PrintHtml (a simple source code in VB6) + executable…
  • Full B4XPages Example for including EasyViewTable Generated Forms, .json, html printing (B4J, B4A)
  • Documentation, etc
What I except from you?
  • Check for bugs (and inform me in B4X forum, caution! without posting the whole code-but small parts) – Post with this form at B4A Questions or B4J Questions sample title of thread ex: Problem reading .view file [B4X/EasyCode], so it will possible check it as soon as possible or other users could answer it.
  • If you found something will make it faster, better and you write some code – will be good to be shared with me.
    Credits + Donation will come from all ! Be sure !
  • If you have any idea for EasyCode – that will help all the community – share it…
    Will make it better !
  • Post Screenshots of you apps and your layouts (you can share them too).
  • Do not change the code and re-sell it. Be nice guy! Caution !
What’s my target-scope ?

Make the life of B4X Developer easier… and create many tools that will automate the creation of code, business apps like CRUD, POS etc… more coming…

Tutorial - How to use EasyCode-Form/View Generator...

Needed Libraries for you Projects:


Well.. after months of programming...
I want to share / sell my Form-View Generator...

Very Easy to Learn it !!!

Support me with at least...


Thanks in advance for supporting !
ps: 20% of any "support" will go to B4X... (every Friday.. will contribute B4X)


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Update Sent to all [8/4/2022]

Some options added, before show the easyviewtable...


before call, for example (resizecols add the feature of resizing b4xtable columns):

members.setup(Main.datadb,"catalog.view","Members Catalog","Add/Edit Member")


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a new update, is coming soon... in some hours...


Well.. Some days... I feel lazy.. so EasyCode comes to make me more lazy...

Now all the .views, .json, .html creates the EasyCode Form View Generator... become project easily (compatible with previous version) - Just selecting the Folder (of .views) and loading the .db.. voila you get a project... and the best of all - no need to write anything !... not even a line of code...

The new version creates beautiful Menu...

Drag and drop the menu items to change order... change the caption of items... delete a view from the menu... or load extra views into it...

Click B4X Export... select folder for export... name the folder of project... and here you are... ready to run B4A or B4J project !!!!


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Source Code of B4X EasyCode Form View Generator [UPDATE 22/4/2022]
just sent to all donators ! :)

Happy Easter to all, those who celebrate..


next update: at B4X Export, will have the option to select the layout of menu ! until then, have fun and make your apps !


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Hello, I purchased Easy-Code several months ago, there are updates compared to the version I have..


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Can I use EasyCode to add a B4XTable to an already-existing project? Can you explain how to do that?


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Can I use EasyCode to add a B4XTable to an already-existing project? Can you explain how to do that?
Ofcourse you can add a form created by easycode as it produces forms... if you check documentation you will see the way... you just add needed modules at your project and call forms, setup them.


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Hi friend,
by chance put this magnificent utility of yours on sale with discounts ;-)