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Hi everybody.

I've started my first project and app under Android with B4A and I tried to do some examples seen in the Guide but as my boss gave me time to do it, advices from you would be a great gift for me.

Here is the goal of the project : an employee of the company is going to ask questions of a survey to the customer into the bus with a tablet.

I've upload a part of the first survey here into the post as an image...

There are a few labels and a lot of RadioButtons separated in 6 groups. The result of each survey would be saved in a sqlite db. Then each day (or when the employee decides it) has to be created a text/csv file into the tablet in order to send it (by email or ftp or...) to one server that is inside the company.

How should I structure my dev ?

Yesterday I saw that I've to separate each group of RadioButtons in order to have only one answer possible for each group, but each group has its ones.

Sorry for the lenght of the post and for my bad english.

Thank you...


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