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    As there was a major issue with ABM running of B4J v6.00, everyone (donator or not) can download the upgrade to 4.03.

    See https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/abmaterial-framework-for-webapps.60072/ for the download link.

    Or donators can also use the feedback app to download version 4.03.

    For anyone upgrading from Chipmunk, it is very important you also read the included Checklist 4.00 pdf file!
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    jSD_ZipLibrary release 1.01

    This library allows you to compress a list of files in zip, decompress a ZIP file or get the list of files contained in a ZIP file.
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    ABMaterial 4.25 Donators is now released! For the current public version (4.03) see https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/abmaterial-framework-for-webapps.60072/.

    Donators can download Dragonfly from the feedback app.

    NOTE: Read the README.TXT file carefully!

    With ABM 4.25 comes the first version of B4JS, a transpiler that can convert B4JS code to pure Javascript! Something I wanted to make for a long time now. I restarted the project instead of building on what I had in 2016 because ABM has matured a lot since then.

    Like any 'new' language, we will hit some bumps and limitations in the beginning. B4X wasn't build in one day either :)

    But I'm confident with your feedback, B4JS can grow to be as production ready as ABM is today!

    A lot in ABM had to be changed to make B4JS possible. There is always a chance something in ABM will be broken because of those changes. BUT, I will give ABSOLUTE PRIORITY to such cases. I have done extensive tests myself with our own Web Apps and that is why I'm pretty confident to release it to you now.

    So, if you want to make the switch to ABM 4.25, make sure you got enought time to test your own apps and report as best as possible in the feedback app! (an example on how to reproduce the problem helps me enormously).
    PLEASE DON'T PANIC!!! Report the problem and I'll look into it. Some 'maintenance' releases will then follow quickly.

    An introduction and some tutorials can be found https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/abmaterial-b4js-00-introduction.90249/
    Also, in the zip there is a B4JS demo demonstration most of the is described in the tutorials.
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    jSD_SqliteExtra rel 1.00
    1. Insertion, updating and reading of images in fields of type BLOB.
    2. Functions to add a table, a field. Update a field. Delete a row or table.
    3. Commands to populate List and ListView also with images.
    4. List a Table, Field, Type
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    SD_BindingNavigator rel. 0.10

    You can associate some views (TextField, TextArea, Label, ImageView, ToggleButton, CheckBox) with specific fields of a Sqlite DataBase.
    By sliding the position in the DataSet the views will be updated with the value of the fields in the row where the cursor points.

    By changing the content of the views (TextField, CheckBox, Image), you can also update the fields associated with the views, by updating UpdateChange
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    jRLDialogsX v1.85

    NEW: DidYouKnow2 Dialog with prev / next tip buttons
    NEW: ExtendedDialog Show or hide the less details hyperlink button
    UPD: ListFindDialog search field across dialog window, moved buttons OK & Cancel below search field
    UPD: Documentation & Examples
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    I was a bit worried that my SGE lib did not offer a GetPixels function as fast as the one in Erel's BitmapCreator, so I implemented a couple of new functions and created a small demo to show them in action.

    Version 1.5:
    - I added GetPixels2 and SetPixels2 to sgeUtils;
    - I added an example: Effects\Pixels.
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    LogServer enables multi window logging so you can organise and better read the logs you create in your code.
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    SD: B4XViewEvent release 0.01

    This library allows setting of Touch or Click (ecc..) events for all XUI views
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    [B4X] [XUI] clXToastMessage Class

    - Queueing toast messages
    - Optional fade in / fade out effect
    - ClearAndShow method to abruptly cancel displaying message (and eventual waiting queue) and then show the new one.
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