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B4XPreferencesDialog (1.30), FormsBuilder (1.10) and XUI Views (2.00) were updated to allow creating forms with light themes ...
how about a extra single B4XMaster Library which contains all your great actual stuff that we can grab from ide with one click?


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This is not the correct place to discuss it...

Anyway, XUI Views is an internal library. The latest version is always included in the updated IDE. FormsBuilder is a tool. Not a library.


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CameraKit helps you add reliable camera to your app quickly. Our open source camera platform provides consistent capture results, service that scales, and endless camera possibilities.

With CameraKit you are able to effortlessly do the following:

  • Image and video capture seamlessly working with the same preview session.
  • Automatic system permission handling.
  • Automatic preview scaling.
    • Create a CameraView of any size (not just presets!).
    • Automatic output cropping to match your CameraView bounds.
  • Multiple capture methods.
    • METHOD_STANDARD: an image captured normally using the camera APIs.
    • METHOD_STILL: a freeze frame of the CameraView preview (similar to SnapChat and Instagram) for devices with slower cameras.
    • METHOD_SPEED: automatic capture method determination based on measured speed.
  • Built-in continuous focus.
  • Built-in tap to focus.
  • Built-in pinch to zoom. Even while recoding a Video.


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B4XPreferencesDialog V1.50 - Two new items types: multiline Text and decimal number.
- Bug fix related to the light theme and text fields.
- Empty non-required numeric fields are not treated as invalid values. Note that the returned map will not include keys with empty string values.

Forms Builder v1.50:


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B4A ffmpegencoder - version 4.21 (Chargeable library)

I have updated the ffmpegencoder library to a new version which supports latest FFMpeg and even the Android Camera as a source.
All donators ought to have received update information by email by now.
However, some emails bounced back and therefore if you donated for the library but you did not receive any email from me (check your spam folder first), please send me a PM. Thanks.