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Hello all,

This is my last app, based on Erel's HttpServer

It has only been in two weeks, after it has been suspended, i do not know the reason,
because his email was very confusing and generic.
Logically the appeal not served at all.

I leave links from SlideMe and Opera

Please, can you help me figure out why the app has been suspended? I do not wanna make the same mistakes when upload again.
The description and title was the same as is on SlideME and Opera.

As always, thanks to everyone who selflessly help in this forum.


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These days, on the Italian forum, we are talking about this.

Google Play has eliminated the developer account to an Italian member of B4X.

Some of them would like to send a petition to Google Play.

I have found (Web) a few minutes ago an example of notification sent from Google Play:

This is a notification that your application, Formula 1 Results - Beta, with package ID, has been removed from the Google Play Store.REASON FOR REMOVAL: Alleged trademark infringement.
Google has been notified that aspects of your application, Formula 1 Results - Beta, allegedly infringe upon the trademarks of others, and it has been removed from the Google Play Store due to a violation of the Content Policy.

So it seems to me that Google specifies the violation.

Have you also received that specific text: "REASON FOR REMOVAL"?


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Hello LucasMs,

Yes, this is reason: REASON FOR REMOVAL: Violation of the spam provisions of the Content Policy. Please refer to the keyword spam policy help article for more information.
But I can see many apps with the same name: eg "Wifi File Transfer"
The description says exactly what the app does and nothing else.
I have not tampered ratings and downloads, in fact not yet rated.
Do not send sms, etc, etc...
So I was saying that there is no clear reason, at least for me.

It seems a complaint of competition.

I have read the problem of fifiddu70.
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You're right.

I found also this:

Your application will be removed if you do not make modifications to your application’s description to bring it into compliance within 7 days of the issuance of this notification. If you have additional applications in your catalog, please also review them for compliance. Note that any remaining applications found to be in violation will be removed from the Google Play Store.

I never published app, if I'm not mistaken, you can suspend your app from the market.
I think that in these cases you have to do this and then ask for further explanations, clarifications. I mean before that 7 days expire.

Since it is not clear whether the problem is in the description or keywords, if Google does not specify more details, try to publish the app without keywords.

I'm really sorry.


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Thanks LucaMs,

Yes, they sent me a warning with 7 days, but did so at an email account that I do not use, and did not see it until the console appeared as suspended.
My account is from the era in which you could register yourself with an account that was not from google and did not use the google account associated.

It is a shame, but I can do nothing.

Now I'm afraid republish the app, I fear for my account.


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Hi all,

Last version, 1.5.

• Direct Access to Images, videos and sound.
• Direct access to your internal card, if available.
• Direct access to your external card, if available.
• Direct access to the files of the camera.
• Thumbnails of pictures and video.
• Play in the web browser, Images, videos and sound.
• No limitations on file size.
• Rename and delete files.
• Delete all files in a folder.
• Create and delete empty folders.
• Zip and unzip files
• List and backup link of apps installed by you.
• Open apps from the browser.
• Listen the music selected.
• Manage your notes from the browser.
• Share media files.


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Hi all,

Last version, 1.6

• Play music by artist.
• Direct access to images, videos and audio of a known app.