1. tsteward

    B4J Question List inside Xcustomlistview

    I want to use the xcustomlistview to show an expandable list of vehicle manufacturers then when the "Ford" item is expanded there will be a list of Ford model cars. Would you use anothe XCLV to show the models? I would expect that I would fill the model list when its being expanded. I have...
  2. LucaMs

    Android Question xCustomListView item panels

    When I create a "b4xview panel" with rounded corners, it is ok if added directly to an Activity; if I pass (add) it to a xCustomListView, the corners are wrong:
  3. walterf25

    Android Question CustomListView Item Resize Problem (Solved)

    Hi all, i am currently using the CustomListview.bas module version 1.66 and i can't figure out why i am seeing a bigger space between the first item and the second item in the ListView and then the space between between the items after the second item look the same, attached is my code and also...
  4. Scotter

    Android Question Class not found: b4a.example.customlistview

    Hi - I've been using xCustomListView v1.20. Works great! No errors but the following warning appears in my log: Class not found: b4a.example.customlistview, trying: b4a.p2e.customlistview Ideas? Thanks!
  5. I

    Italian [RISOLTO] XCustomListView - Posizionamento Item

    Ciao ragazzi. Nella mia lista inserisco un elenco di item espandibili. E' possibile sul clic del pannello corrispondente portarlo al top della xcustomlistview, o in una posizione voluta, come ad esempio metà videata? Grazie per l'aiuto. IlCasti.
  6. peacemaker

    Android Question xChart on xCustomListView trouble

    HI, All If to use xChart on a Layout that should be loaded into items of xCustomListView - i have the error java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: width and height must be > 0 at Sub CreateListItem(Text As Map, Width As Int, Height As Int) As Panel Dim p As Panel p.Initialize("")...
  7. Cornelius Smit

    Android Question xCustomlistview Library and Button Click

    Good day I need help please I have a custom listview (library) and use a layout for my image and a button !! How do i capture the correct button click event Thank you in advance
  8. M

    Android Question problem with xCustomListView.AddTextItem

    Hello, I´m new to B4A. I try to use xCustomListView and fail to add items. I want to use xCustomListView because of it´s customizability (e.g. possibility to set size of font/text,...) I´ve checked: The library is loaded (xCustomListView version 1.63) the view "clvList1" is drawn in the...
  9. Alexander Stolte

    Android Question [B4X] xCustomListView trigger when the user has released the list

    Hello, i want to trigger, when the user has released the list. how can i do that? i have try with a panel under the list, but this is not triggered. Then i have try with the B4XViewEvent, but then you cant scroll the list anymore. Greetings
  10. Alexander Stolte

    Wish [B4X] xCustomListView Over-Scroll Support

    Hello, An important feature would be the overscroll functionality. With an Integer Output of the overscroll. Source With this, you can then easily create a nice load animation, like Instagram, if you pull the list down slowly or a nice easter egg under the list ;) . (thats my plans with this...
  11. Lucas Siqueira

    Android Question how to put the event drag and drop in XCustomListView?

    Hello, my name is Lucas and I'm from Brazil, I'm having difficulties in putting the drag and drop event in XCustomListView?
  12. Maodge

    Android Question [solved]Why XCustomListView display incorrect , CustomListview display right

    hi, i'm confuse of XCustomListView and CustomListview. in project using CustomListview, add items code is For i = 0 To 29 Dim colors1 As Int Dim csb As CSBuilder colors1 = Colors.RGB(Rnd(0,255),Rnd(0,255),Rnd(0,255)) csb.Initialize.Color(colors1).Append("#...
  13. aeric

    Android Question [SOLVED] Disable overscroll in xCustomlistview

    May I know how can I disable overscroll in xCustomlistview so the end indicators not showing when I scroll to top or bottom (for vertical) and leftmost or rightmost (for horizontal)?
  14. Didier9

    iOS Question xCustomListView problem [closed for now]

    I am trying to add a CustomListView to a B4i project. I am getting this error as soon as Page1_Resize() completes: Application_Start Error occurred on line: 150 (CustomListView) Object was not initialized (UILabel) Stack Trace: ( CoreFoundation <redacted> + 252 libobjc.A.dylib...
  15. Sapta

    Android Question How do I create a table page when ReachEnd is in xCustomListView?

    Hi all, Based on this example I want to display data per page of 20 items. When ReachEnd it will be loading to the next page. But how to handle this because when I scroll down, 3 items at once appear, how can I order 1 item that appears. This will disrupt the page that I will use, when scroll...
  16. Alexander Stolte

    Wish [B4X] xCustomListView PullToRefresh

    Hello, are any plans to add the PullToRefresh Feature to the xCustomListView in the Future? thanks Greetings
  17. Alexander Stolte

    Android Question [B4X] xCustomListView GetPanelByItemID

    Hello, how i can set a ItemID (String or object) and from this i can get the right Panel. For Access a view. I fill my list with 2 databases and i cant Access the right Panel over the id from the database. Greetings
  18. Alexander Stolte

    Wish [B4X] xCustomListView GetPanelByItemID

    Hello, this would be useful. Set a ItemID (String or object) and from this you can get the right Panel. For Access a view. I fill my list with 2 databases and i cant Access the right Panel over the id from the database.
  19. ShaneG30

    B4J Question [XUI] xCustomListView: Set Alignment?

    Is it possible to set the alignment (Left, Center, Right) of the items in "xCustomListView"?
  20. Alexander Stolte

    Android Question [B4X] xCustomListView load images async

    Hello, usually I use the Ultimate Listview from @Informatix for that, but in this case i develop cross plattform. In the ULV is there a fucntion called "SetLoadImageCallbacks" with this function it is possible to load images asynchron. And whenever the function was called, I downloaded the...