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Gianni Sassanelli

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i have strange behaviour with some layout and some devices.

I have simulated this situation with an emulator
The Black Android toolbar is moved to right if resolution of device is 1080x1920

#Region Project Attributes
#ApplicationLabel: TS TrendAgenti
#VersionCode: 3
#VersionName: 2018.3.193
'SupportedOrientations possible values: unspecified, landscape or portrait.
#SupportedOrientations: sensorLandscape
#End Region

my BAL layout is:
home.bal 1280 x 800 Scale 1

In BAL I have:
in GeneralScript and Variant Script
ShowTitle = False
FullScreen = True

The problem occurs if I use an AVD with following settings
Device Nexus5 1080x1920 Density 480 xxhdpi
Platform: Android 6.0, 7.0,7.1,8.0


I use an AVD with following settings
Device Nexus7 800x1280 density 213
Platform: Android 6.0, 7.0,7.1,8.0
the View is Right


Gianni Sassanelli

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Ok Erel,
can you help me to solve this problem?
i have tried with other resolution for example 1200 x 1920 and the view is correct

It seems that the problem only shows up if the resolution is 1080 x 1920 in addition withe SensorLandscape because the hardware toolbar rotate with the home view and placed in right of screen instead of bottom
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Gianni Sassanelli

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Ok Erel and thank's.

But i think that don't is an emulator issue because the same problem happens on some phones such as HTC M9

I have created an AVD with the same resolution of HTC M9 phone just to see if it was a problem of device.

Seems to be a problem in this resolution or density xxhdpi

If you have some free time and try maybe can be a simple thing to fix
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Gianni Sassanelli

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hi Erel,
please see the attached images

Img_4 is the WRONG !!! the screen is not rotated, and i have scren rotate true

other images are all Right

i thing that is a bug of android that don't rotate the screen with 1080 x 1920 resolution???

If i install my app in all devices work fine but in devices that haves this resolution (1080 x 1920 ) i have many problems because all layout think that they working on 1080x1920 but the real dimension of screen is another.
the screen info app Say that the real metrix is 1080 x 1776 instead of 1080 x 1920
B4A Autoscale, scale to 1080x1920 but in this case is Wrong


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Gianni Sassanelli

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Sorry Erel, but I cannot explain very well because my english is not good.
Forget for a second AUTOSCALE.

My problem is that all layout of my app, considers the whole screen and then goes under the navigation toolbar. (as highlighted in the attached image)
But this occur only on device with 1080x1920 resoluzion.
For other all is OK. I'm trying to solve this issue and i need your help if possible. I tried everything that i know but unsuccessfull
My app is designed for use only in landscape mode

When you say "img_4 is not wrong. Most phones do not rotate the home screen" this is correct but all the screenshots that I sent you are referring to the same AVD emulator.
The only thing I have changed is the resolution and strange behavior occurs only on 1080x1920 resolution and this causes my problem


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