Android Question B4A - Buttons not displaying on some older Android versions/devices

David Zielinski

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Hi Everyone,

First time posting, haven't needed to post everything as B4A is pretty awesome and the support forum is an amazing resource... I couldn't find anything on this particular issue.

Just having a bit of an issue with older devices.... please see below... basically standard button controls aren't displaying on older android devices (buttons are placed on top of a standard imageview).

Current manifest:
<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="9" android:targetSdkVersion="28"/>

Buttons not showing - old Samsung S3 (Android Version 4.3, also happens on Android Version 4.4.2)

Buttons Showing on a Lenovo Tab 7
lenovo tab7 - buttons are showing.png

David Zielinski

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In Android 5+, with the material theme, buttons are elevated. If the ImageView is positioned above the buttons they will still appear in Android 5+ devices and they won't appear in Android 4 devices.

Hi Erel and thanks for replying... first control placed in the designer was the imageview, and then buttons on top of the imageview. I did come across an "elevation" article but can't find it again. That might solve the problem???? I'll put together a sample project and post on here tomorrow.
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