Other B4A v10.50 is available for download


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Download link: https://www.b4x.com/b4a.html

  1. New libraries tab:

  2. Find all references feature was rewritten. Previously it couldn't handle more complex cases, where a sub or field are called indirectly:
    For example:

  3. The various IDE notifications also appear in the logs:

  4. #CustomBuildAction - direct support for jar files, including Java 11+ UI jars.
  5. Default manifest updated. This allows resetting the manifest by removing the manifest text and saving.
  6. Dexer optimization can be disabled through the ini file.
  7. Updated or new internal libraries: XUI, XUI Views, B4XDrawer, BCTextEngine, OkHttpUtils2, GooglePlayBilling, KeyValueStore, B4XPages template, GooglePlayBIlling and FileProvider.
  8. Bug fixes and other minor improvements. This includes a long-standing bug where the wrong context was used after a resumed sleep in some edge cases (fix is relevant to B4XPages).
I wish you all a great 2021!

Rockefeller Goldman

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Been away too long. Glad to be back

Lotsa changes and you have taken it to the STRATOSPHERE LEVEL Erel - hugely impressive. Congratulations

I have suspected for a while you might not be completely Human - perhaps an Interstellar Genius Organism who landed on Earth ;)

Peter Simpson

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Hello @Erel,
As usual you are doing an absolutely fabulous job when it comes to R&D and releasing B4X product updates. To implement what you have learnt into the B4X suite of development tools that makes developers lives easier for developing on multiple platforms is really impressive and well appreciated, especially by myself.

Thank you, again...


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Buen año para el mundo !!
B4A is Copyright (c) 2010 - 2021 !!! (minor correction!!:2021)
Thanks Erel:
we will never forget you and you never forget us.


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Sorry... no bug.... only i show to the wordl 11 years (one more) for you great product.


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how do this:
Dexer optimization can be disabled through the ini file
where is the ini file?
what entry in ini file?