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I'm using Beta 5 for a few days now and once in a while I get following error when trying to compile (after I added a class ?)
It is no code error because the problem remains until I close and reopen the project or B4J.



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I have had this too, it occurs as you said, when you add a module.
I've not had it since, when adding a module, I do save before trying to compile.

Sods law turned up, added a module and did save, but got the error again. It was after I added a library reference to the new module.
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Also create a new sub will sometimes not accepted and I have to restart the IDE.
Tab to select not working anymore even without error in the Code.
Sometimes I get the Error "Sub is not a valid identifier"


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Running B4J Version: 3.00 BETA 5

Why do I get the error shown in the attached screenshot when after doing a Quick Search I click on one of the results in order to go to that point in the code?

Could it be because it's on an XP machine?



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