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Hello everyone :)
*Starting off by thanking @Erel for making this possible for us ♥

We have started building an amazing Material Kit Library.

Currently it contains 7 designs, but we are planning on reaching 400+ designs before the end of this year.

Purchasing this library will give you :
1- Future designs updates (Life time free updates)
2- Library B4A Source Code
3- Jar + Xml Files

Library cost price : 20$

Once you send the payment our partner FastSpring will send you the source code automatically to your email.

*If you have any question or you need help please contact us @ : and we will get back to you right away.

We will upload the design updates here

Thank you,
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Thanks Saif, for the B4XCodeUI Kit version 2. Now I can see all the examples 👍

I have created screen-shots of the examples, as below.


It may help fellow members to see the simplicity and beauty of the UI (Lenovo Android 5.0)


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Glad you like it my dear and thank you for the screenshots ❤

The next update is coming very soon BTW and it will have much more designs and pre-created pages :)

Colin Evans

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It would be great if B4J was catered for as well, looking forward to the next update, thanks Saif excellent work as usual


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Hello Everyone :)

Please use the same download link to download the new update, we have also added the new sample code in the main module.
This update is very small, it only includes 4 designs because while we are working on B4A we were also working on the new B4J UI Kit which will be released in the next update :)

New update demo :

Next update :
23-06-2021 11:00 PM GMT 3+ and it will include :
1- 10 B4A Designs
2- B4J UI Kit

*Also coming very soon we will release the B4i UI Kit as well, so stay tuned :)

Thank you,