B4J Tutorial [BANanoWebix] Lesson 25 Template

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    The template is just also like the scrollview, enabling one to create elements..


    In this image we depict how we have created a container and then added templates on the row. One might use this for displaying data or emphasing something etc.

    Sub Init(pgContainer As String)
    "", pgContainer).SetHeader("Lesson 25: Template")
        Dim we As WixElement
        Dim t1 As WixTemplate
    "t1").SetType("section").SetTemplate("Snarky Greeting")
        Dim t2 As WixTemplate
    "t2").SetTypeClean("").SetTemplate("Hello there, ugly bag of mostly water!")
        we.AddRowItems(Array(t1.Item, t2.Item))
        Dim pr1 As WixRow
    End Sub
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