Basic4android v2.71 is released!


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Basic4android v2.71 is now available. I would first like to thank the beta testers for their help and feedback :icon_clap:.

This version includes many improvements including several major new features:

  • Compiler warnings - A new warning engine that helps finding common errors as soon as possible:


  • Custom views with designer support - Developers can create custom views (with classes or libraries) that can be added with the visual designer. This feature makes it possible to build the complete layout with the designer and designer scripts.
  • Classes properties - a long-awaited feature.
  • Bitmaps handling improved - LoadBitmap / LoadBitmapSample internally handle out of memory errors by down-scaling the image. The visual designer loads images based on the target size to preserve memory.
  • DateTime.ListenToExternalTimeChanges - raises an event when the device time is set or when the time zone changes (and updates the internal time zone used).
  • CallSub keyword improvements:
    Returns Object instead of String.​
    Sender is set when calling from a class. This is useful for events implementation.​
    Significant performance improvements when calling subs in classes.​
    No error is raised if the target sub is not found when calling from a class. This is useful for events implementation.​
  • #LibraryName attribute. Sets the compiled library name.
  • Libraries dependencies resolver was improved and it can now handle cases such as described here.
  • Logs are colored based on the message type.
  • LogColor keyword - Similar to Log. The message will be displayed in the IDE with the specified color.
  • Screenshot tool improved.
  • HttpUtils2 and DateUtils are now included as libraries in the IDE.
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements (including "run last deployment" feature).

Version 2.71 is now available for download from the same link as v2.70. This update fixes the following issues:
  • Low quality images when adding images with the designer
  • CallSub casing fails with some numeric types
  • Support for the new location of aapt.exe
  • Other minor improvements


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Hallo erel

Bedankt, we gaan ermee aan de slag.
Groeten uit nederland

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I can say a million times, basic4android rocks!! After hot-basic, gw-basic, vbdos, c, clipper, assembly for pic, vs6/2003/2005/2010, actionscript, php and Unity3D (Mono) I finally found the real meaning of productivity.

basic4android rocks! It's unbeliveable.

Thanks guys!
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Question about automatic image scaling

I know that this latest update (2.71) should fix the image scaling problem related to the designer but I'm curious about something:

In several layouts of my app, although the layout is only designated as being a "small screen layout", the layout is later tweaked through code and the dimensions of the buttons (all use bitmaps) are often increased when the device is a tablet.

Since apparently B4A now downscales images in layouts that are targeted for smaller screens, am I still going to have a problem with poor quality images on larger screens? If so, I'd really like to be able to disable this feature. Yes, I can create different images for different scales but it was much easier to just use large high quality images and downscale them on smaller screens. They may take up more memory that way but the app still works fine on all devices.

I'm at work so I can't do a test run on my 7" tablet with the new version but I'd like to know more about how it is supposed to work anyway.
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Copy to Clipboard

Hallo Erol,

many thanks for the great release.
Can you insert a copy to clipboard function
in the screenshot Tool ?


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Thank you all for your feedback. @combus if possible please start a new thread for this request in the Wishlist forum.

Since apparently B4A now downscales images in layouts that are targeted for smaller screens, am I still going to have a problem with poor quality images on larger screens?
Since v2.71 the designer no longer downscales images unless there is an out of memory error.
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3 issues


just three issues.

program is perfect, but i like to have no warnings :)

there are three kinds of avoidable warnings

1) i like to initialize threads this way, but the compiler warns me


2) subs used within threads are warned as unused


3) subs within libs shouldn't be warned as unused, or this should be a selectable issue (it's obvious that i don't use all subs inside a lib, or maybe i feel free to use them later or in other projects)


anyway the tool is great

i did this while thinking just to be useful

thank you and regards

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Many many Thanks Erel for your splendid job. Still i am dreaming that b4a have the cross platform features. Do you have any plan for that?
Best regards.
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My menus have disappeared!!!


Thank you very much for all your hard work which I really appreciate.

I recompiled all my apps to Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT8010 (V.4.1.2) and GT7000 Galaxy Note phone (v.4.0.3). Now they do nothing when I press the menu key, but apps I have not replaced yet still raise their menu items.

Have I missed or invoked something when I installed the new version please?


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after updating to the latest version, I opened my project
and I encountered the following problem:

It appears the error that I attach as a screen shoot
after clicking OK several times, the Project does not load properly
and some libraries needed to run the application disappear from the list.

How can I fix?



Sorry it was a problem of my PC



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