Other VivaWallet / VivaPayment Class using CLOUD API

Hi there,

I am sharing a Class created for using CLOUD API and sending "request" for paying from EFT-POS connected to VivaPayments (Viva Terminal)...

For those who know - who is Viva (Virtual Bank at Greece, offers Wallet, POS, Payments, etc)... need to have Business Account... For those not know - please read everything about viva.com before proceed.

Then create a Demo Account (if you wanna test my class and you will have the "feature" to download demo terminal apk): https://demo.vivapayments.com/el/signup

This a way to get payments for EFT-POS - without writting the amount at the POS-machine.. but our TAX services need to lock the keyboard too... I am searching this... and I am searching for unversal solution too (read for my tries here: Common protocol tcp v3)

How it works:
    Dim a As VivaWalletEFTPOS
    a.usedemo=False 'True if demo

    Dim livepossource As Int = 0000' Where 0000 is your physical shop as written at vivawallet.com when sign in..
    Wait For (a.GetAccessToken("youruserapikey.apps.vivapayments.com","yourapipassword)) Complete (Success1 As Boolean) 'then get API username/password from your profile...

    If Success1=True Then  'This mean you got Token... :-)
        Wait For (a.SearchLivePOSatSource(livepossource)) Complete (listofterminals As List)
        If listofterminals.Size>0 Then
            Log(a.terminal_id) 'get the last one terminal from list - this is a test although
            Wait For (a.RequestSalesPayment("no_of_invoice-try08",a.terminal_id,"YOURCASHIERSERIAL001",30,978,"test...","test...","false",0,0)) complete (success As Boolean)
'30 is the amount of 0.30 eur
'978 is for EUR Currency.... 840=usd, 124=cad, 036=aud (ISO 4217)
            If success=True Then
'That means payment is at your wallet ... now !

* ps: If anyone had something for Greek EFT-POS as AADE (Tax Services) wanted and if anything about the common api tcp v3 - please share it...

This needed a lot of work... have in mind that VIVA working in many Countries !!!
You can always donate me...


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26/4/2024 Updated the class.... with the proper way (creating map and json)...

Info! This is the CLOUD API from VivaPayments Services, but this can't use for IRS/TAX Services of Greece, this is only for controlling via cloud the EFT-POS, useful for all countries... but I think for Greece "No"... coming soon with the Local API - that needed for IRS Requirements...