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Ripensameteo is a meteo aggregator, currently aimed at the Italian weather.
Ripensameteo collects weather forecasts from multiple providers, shows them, and records changes in forecasts, for comparison.



Some of the key technologies used are:
TabStripViewPager - for the main interface
xCustomListView - for the meteo scroll
SQLite - for storing forecasts
MiniHTMLParser - for collecting data from providers pages
StartServiceAt - periodic background downloading of forecasts
Wait For - heavy usage of Resumable Subs for downloads and SQL queries
XUI Views - dialogs and user input

Available on the Play Store
Distribution is actually limited to Italy, more countries to follow...

An iOS version is also available
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Ti sei assicurato di poter usare le previsioni di quei siti?
[Il plurale di "Meteo" non è "Metei", rimane "Meteo", quindi anche "Ripensametei" è sbagliato]

Did you make sure you can legally use the weather forecast of those sites?


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I’m using the widget they provide for incorporating forecasts in other sites.
They allow such usage, and there’s also a link to their sites inside the app: I’m actually advertising them.

Ovviamente “ripensametei” è sbagliato: è una parola che non esiste! È un gioco di parole con “ripensamenti”.