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Alexander Stolte

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[B4X] [XUI] AS PinLock
  • Removes unused variable
  • Fix Bug the setDescription property was not showing
  • Add CodeColor Property
  • Add KeyboardBackgroundColor Property
  • Add KeyboardTextColor Poperty
  • Add KeyboardExtraButtonBackgroundColor
  • Remove Seperator Bug with the new seperators
  • Add New Designer-Property ShowKeyboardSeperator set to true to show seperators on the numberfields
  • Add New Designer-Property KeyboardSeperatorColor set the seperator color for the numberfields
  • Add EncryptMethods as return values


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[B4x] MineXML Auto create Class and b4xlib

A tool written in B4j, The resulting code and libraries are cross platform​
  • Extract XML keys from an XML file
  • Merge multiple files to extract keys
  • Allows adding friendly names for the keys
  • Creates a class to access the selected keys from an XML file using the assigned friendly names (or tags from the XML if not defined)
  • Export the class as a b4xlib
  • Warn if a key is present in an XML file that is not recognised. (Optional)
There is also a test app companion to help check that the library is working correctly.​


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LogServer v2.0

Allows multiple connections from any platform to the server at the same time.
Library is now a b4xlib
Removes threading and java specific calls so hopefully it will work with B4i.


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[B4x] LED Matrix

This is a Custom view b4xlib that I created to add to my LogServer, I though it may come in handy for other purposes so I'd share it here.
You can have any number of channels (Rows) and a practical limit of 16 LED's (Columns) per channel as the state for each channel is stored in an Int, which is a 16 Bit variable.