Other B4A v5.00 has been released!


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in B4A Version 5.0 ... in the Abstract Designer it is possible (for example) to set a button via right-mouse-click "Send To Back".
But if once a button is "Send To Back", there is no way to get it again via right-mouse-click "Bring To Front".

In Version 4.3 there was a menu in the Views Tree, but in Version 5.0 there is none ... or is there another solution? o_O
You can change the order of the views by using drag and drop in the Tree View.


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Looks like B4X Object Browser is 100% compliant with B4a 5.0. Well, so far it is :)


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Is there a button to take me back to the old UI?the one thing i despised the most is forced UI changes. Windblows 8 did it and sucked.


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Bad job, not so useful.

Too much sugar makes you diabetes :p

More seriously, I'm very sorry that there are difficulties with bookmarks, I think they are very useful.

- Structure matching.