B4X Forums search has died


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I cant get the forum search to do anything anymore. Everything comes up as not found:



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Same here - could be some glitch.

you can use forum search. Its working

Martin Fdez

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I have the same problem! I have that feeling like I have lost everything and without help.


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I think that b4x is generally under attack the last 4 months... I ve seen that at my VPS servers too..

There is a lot Flooding and DDoS attacking... basically every year 12th and 1st month have a lot of attacking/spamming... but this year was something different... don't know if it has to do with Russia/Ukraine problems but I am seeing a lot of "moving".... hope all get good...

There is no way to protect automatically a site... all those Hacker techniques getting smarter... so all sites need monitoring... not server... but sites... this is very difficult for webmasters...