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I 've started learning Objective C with ChatGPT as mentioned here:

I 've been looking for an IDE that supports Objective C in windows and found one althought there is no compiler included for this language. But it has some very nice features which although they are not absolutely necessary, I would love to see them in B4X IDEs. These are the following:

- URLEncoder
- URLDecoder
- Base64Encoder
- Base64Decoder
- Execute batch file
- Execute OS command
- Macro recorder
- Macro reproducer

The first six are easily implementable and no explanation is needed for them.
The sixth can also be used for adding at our own will Git support for the IDEs (usable also in macro reproducer) and much more.
The seventh records typing and clicked buttons in an order and the eightth reproduces them. It can be used for recording and inserting code snippets and/or executing massive actions. If implemented it would be nice to select where you save the Macros in order for you to be able to save them in the cloud so they are accessible from all your computers. Thus another path should be added in the Tools > Configure Paths in which you would select the folder of the Macros.


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Ofcourse... the computers... must have the same resolution, desktop arrange... dpi scaling... but a Macro is always a Macro :cool:

Also... have in mind different specs at computers... macros may have delay or be faster executed... so it is not so wise to have fast movements/clicks/typing when recording !
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