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Right now, if I want to know what my currently selected Project Icon is there is no way to see it.
All I can do is go to
Project > Choose Icon
and choose an icon to replace the icon with.
Therefore I propose this:
Rename menu
Project > Choose Icon
Project > Icon
If no icon has been selected for the project immediately open the file browse dialog to browse to the file.
If an icon has already been selected for the project, open a form called Icon. Inside the form will be a picture box with the currently selected icon displayed inside. There will be a Choose Icon button below the picture box that will open the file browse dialog and allow you to replace the existing icon. Maybe if user clicks on the picture box it will also open the file browse dialog as well. There will be an OK button and Cancel button (to the right of the picture box) to accept or reject the changes.

The reason I came up with this idea is because I am creating a lot of apps (Spanish Multiple Choice Part 1, Spanish Multiple Choice Part 2, Spanish Multiple Choice Part 3, etc.) by copying and pasting the same B4A Project folder over and over again (using the same source code). I want to keep track of which Icon is now being used.
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