B4J Question [SOLVED] Self creation of SSL + OkHttpUtils2 using source... but...something wrong ?


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Hi there...
something i am missing as always...

configured properly self created ssl at jserver side...
at client must to use okhttputils2 (unzziped from b4xlib)...
changinging at httputils2service... hc.InitializeAcceptAll("hc")

but why i am taking:
Error parsing program.
Error description: Unknown type: okhttprequest
Are you missing a library reference?
Error occurred on line: 15 (HttpJob)
Private req As OkHttpRequest

Because i am not sleeping good the last nights ? may be .... :-( what i forget ...?

Sorry guys - gonna crazy..
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Extremely easy! :)

what exactly is the HU2_PUBLIC ?
...makes the http client variable (hc) a public variable. This can be used in cases where you want to customize the internal behavior. It is more relevant to B4J and B4A. ..

can you give me example of use (where to use) - i didn't get it ?

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