Other B4A is now free!


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Already send my First B4A Contribution --> 40€
Thank you @Erel for your great B4X
Best Regards
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Peter Simpson

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thanks, but for support on the forum do I have to subscribe? I hope that in this way the b4a has not been abandoned, in my opinion the cost was quite honest, and it served to keep the project alive.
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I don't think that the forum will change much in it's operation, hopefully it will just be busier.

I would encourage anyone that has some spare time and don't currently scour the forums to reply to questions that they know the answers to to do so. It's surprising how much you can learn by looking at problems from other peoples perspective, you won't always get it right, but there are many eyes on here, someone will point out your error, just don't take offence if they do. (I don't).

Sometimes I thought I knew the answer, but I will usually do a little research first to make sure, and then realised that my idea was wrong and found the correct answer Which helps me too in the long run. I think that you remember things better when you have researched and found the answer rather than having it given to you. That's just the way I work.
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As previously discussed in this thread: It's time to grow, B4A is now 100% free.
Download link: https://www.b4x.com/b4a.html

You can help us by spreading the word about B4X.

I again want to thank all of the members in our online community. It is an honor to be the admin of this amazing community.

B4A framework will be soon open sourced.
Lot of thanks to you Erel,
I just began some days ago with the B4A Trial version. I am delighted with the whole Concept of B4A. I have been fighting against XAMARIN and I was loosing the pleasure of programming. Your creation is like God's gift.
I feel proud to belong to the B4X Community. Best regards to everyone!
JorgeN (from Argentina)
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Uederson Ferreira

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Guys, this is amazing!
I was just looking for some help in the docs and found this information.
In some days I want to share with a lot of people this great tool (making video tutorials).
For sure I will help b4a in the grow up process!
Thank you Erel!
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