B4X enabled me to be an Automotive R&D Prototype Engineer

B4X is truly a modern Rapid Application Development suite that delivers every time. I can’t say enough good things about B4X but I will try 😊. I started using B4A in 2011 to write an application to read Jeep Transmission Temps while you are towing (and for diagnostics). This application was called DRIVE and it was the 1st app I had in the Android Market. I had to hack into the Transmission ECU, send commands via an ELM327 interface and display real-time data on the Android smartphone. The user interface had to look cool too. B4A made this development magnitudes easier than the other tool at the time and has only gotten better with each release. Erel and the community are great in responding to questions. All this is to say that the DRIVE app was noticed by Honda R&D when they were looking for a prototype engineer in their Detroit office. That got me in the door and I proceeded to use B4A anytime a rapid prototype application was needed to show a concept for Android devices. My initial work contract was 1 year and it actually lasted 7 years. A big part of my success there was the ability to rapid develop concept mobile applications with B4A. One concept I am proud of since I ride motorcycles, is a Method and System for Providing Rear Collision Warning Within a Helmet. The prototype helmet had an android single board computer installed. This eventually turned into a patent for Honda with me as the inventor (details @ patent 10,455,882). If you are the least bit curious if you can write an application for a mobile device, you are in the right place. Do a simple demo and download it to your mobile device. To see it in action will make you smile. Trust me, you will be hooked 😊.


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Cool story!

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What an excellent journey you have had using B4A, from creating an Android application to being noticed by Honda and then having your name linked to a patent (Erel knows exactly what that feels like) must have been like having a dream come true for you. I read the Newswire link which was good but I personally found reading the issued patent really interesting too.

Congratulations on the cool work that you have achieved in the past 10 years. The last few years have truly been a successful B4A journey for you that I'm sure you will never ever forget.

The fact that a relatively small and unknown RAD tool called Basic4Android (as it was know back then) got you (a single developer) into one of the world largest companies is truly a huge testament to the dedication and hard work that Anywhere Software and this whole online community played a part in.

b4x.com really is a great community to be a part of. Over the years watching the B4X suite of RAD tools mature into what they have become today has been a journey that every single forum member as a whole should be extremely proud of, Erel sure is.

Congratulations @Rick in North Carolina, keep up the good, no great work 👏👏👏
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B4X inspiration !