Android Tutorial ScrollView examples summary

There are many ScrollView examples on the forum, I made a summary of them for my own use and I think it would be interesting for others.

Creating a table view based on ScrollView


Gridline in TableView using Scrollview

based on Creating a table view based on ScrollView with separation lines.


Rearrange ListView lines post #3
Despite the title, it is a ScrollView

List with two columns and a checkbox


ScrollView example Image ScrollView


add imageview half manually Another image ScrollView


The same as above but with a Label below each image


Another ScrollView example


Multiple table example post #4

Example with two tables, based on Gridline in TableView using Scrollview but with two ScrollViews.


Display Long text simple.

This is the simplest example to display long texts in a ScrollView.


Display Long texts.

The program displays different texts with different fonts and different font sizes.


Real newb question about how to display a block of scrollable text
Help display,

The texts are those from the FastFourierTransform Library Demo program.


Sql and ListView
Example with:
- a SQL data base
- multi selection
- different colors for header and columns
- different font sizes and alignments
- in the example the first column 'Code' is hidden


ScrollView, layouts and getting current selected
Each item is a Panel
With a label, an EditText and a Button on each itempanel


ScrollView example with multiselection and SQL

- adding a row
- moving a selected row up and down
- mono-selection, clicking on one row selects it, clicking on another row unselects the previous one and selects the new one.
- multi-selection, after one row is selected, a longclick on another row activates multi-selection, clicking on a third row selects it, clicking on a selected row unselects it. Unselecting down to one selected row reactivates mono-selection.
- deleting rows, mono and multi


ScrollView example with a Panel higher than the screen.

The layouts are designed in the Designer, not in the code.

There are 2 layout files:
- Main with the ScrollView.
- ScrollViewLayout has one Panel higher than the screen, 7 Label views and 7 EditText views, the Panel height is set so the last EditText view is on top of the screen when the panel's lower edge is on the lower edge of the screen.

Clicking on an EditText moves the Scrollview up to show this EditText view on top of the screen to avoid interference with the virtual keyboard.


TabHost & ScrollViews

Attached a demo program with a TabHost View with two tabs with ScrollViews.



SQLite database program using several ScrollViews.

What the program can do:
- Read a database, 'Load' button.
- Edit, modify or delete date sets (single- or multi-selection), 'Edit' button.
- Edit and modify a single cell, 'Long_Click' on a cell in a selected row.
- Filter the database, 'Filter' button, Click filter or unfilter, LongClick definition of filter criterias.
- Sort a column ascending or descending, clickink onto the column header.
- Create a new database, 'New' button.
- Scroll the table verticaly with the standard Scrollview, and horizontaly on the blue line between the ScrollView and the toolbox (or with a SeekBar, hidden by default.
- Change the table setup, alignment, column width, text size, colors, etc.

What the program connot do:
- Share multiple tables.


GPS Example program

Setup screen: ScrollView with a panel higher than the screen
GPS path data: ScrollView table with first column always visibel.



This code is an example of creating an expandable listview using a scrollview.
The layout of each item in the list is created in code and is customizable on a per item basis.
The example is pretty barebones but exhibits purpose.

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I don't remember having seen this one.
I'm afraid that you need to do it yourself.
If I understand correctly you want to modify the ScrollView when you click on a title to expand or collapse the subject.
Not sure if this could be done with CustomListView or UltimateListView.


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I don't remember having seen this one.
I'm afraid that you need to do it yourself.
If I understand correctly you want to modify the ScrollView when you click on a title to expand or collapse the subject.
Not sure if this could be done with CustomListView or UltimateListView.

I've probably seen it elsewhere, is common.

Yes, you've got it right.

The links, however, refer to ListViews.

I mean a scrollview, with expandability and, within each panel, the possibility to insert whatever!

Useful, no?

We can probably use CheckList as basis


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Hello...thank you for this tutorial. But I have a question, I'm learning from this code
 Sub btnAdd_Click
       If i < 4 Then
        Dim imvImage As ImageView                                                                           
        Dim bmpImage As Bitmap
'        bmpImage.Initialize(File.DirInternal,"Image"&i&".jpg")
'        bmpImage.Initialize(File.DirDefaultExternal,"Image"&i&".jpg")
        i = i+1
       End If
End Sub
When clicking the button, how can I make the latest image added stays on top of the scrollview?

Thanks in advance,


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very useful, klaus. I tested LongTextsimple. Ok, now i have question: what metod is the best, to move entire scroll view up or down ? So i can scroll text inside a sliding panel . Regards from SI.


Hello and thank you for your example I think they must be usefull ,but none of them is shown for me , in the other hand I cant download any of projects above ,I dont no why!!!
when I click on Link it dirves me to 503 service unavailable page


If I remember well, you need to be member of the forum.
And if remember well, to become a member you need to make donation.
sorry šŸ™ I didn't know this rule which member have to make donate for asking question in forum, thank you for remembering this rule to me.