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(this is a thread i created in so i thought maybe it will be helpful for some b4x members)

This thread will contain lots of free b4a/b4i/b4j source's (games)
please don't add any b4x libs to this thread, you may add b4x sources or free b4x source link's.

i will start to list some free game sources that may be useful to any game lover like me

Free Game Source's:

1, Cloney Bird (libgdx) by andymc

2, Orchard Crush (LibGDX) by andymc

3, Twin Stick Shooter (libgdx) by andymc

4, Sunset Run (No libs) by wonder

5, Mobile Crush (libgdx) by bluejay

6, JumpingSmiley (gameview) by Erel

7, Asteroids (gameview) by Erel

8, Invaders (no libs) by ilan

9, Sk8 - Skateboard (accelerated surface) by ilan

10, Clumsy Bird (no libs) by ilan

11, MAD MAZE (no libs) by ilan

12, Flappy Bird Clone (iSpriteKit) by JanPRO

13, Breakout (iSpriteKit) by JanPRO

14. Snooker / Billiards - Basic simulation (no libs) by Jim Brown

i am sure there are more so if you know more links please add them


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Hey Ilan... if you want you can add a free source-code at your list...