B4J Question Using B4J for creating business/database apps


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Hi there..

I am searching a way to make fast small apps for business use...

For example creating a simple Invoice Sales System (not a simple pos) but i am stucked when looking controls of b4j...

For example there is no Masked Text Box... or TextBox with HintSearch or the Combo Text Box is very simple... (not searching into itself when typing)...

+ the tableview seems too simple..

is there any library with all these extras working good ?

Is b4j MariaDB compatible >? (why not i think - mysql mariadb odbc drivers will be the same aren't they?)

What about Printing to a Printer is there a way ?


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Hi, from brazil!
What's this?

B4J version: 4.50
Parsing code. Error
Error parsing program.
Error description: Undeclared variable 'co' is used before it was assigned any value.
Occurred on line: 34 (Main)

Variable : New=co.Left(New,New.Length-1)
It's a mistake, it was probably meant to be New.Left or Old.Left, or the rest of the code was not posted.
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Dailson Coelho Machado

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my contribution

Dim co As JStringFunctions 'lib JStringFunctions v 1.0

Sub txtField1_TextChanged (Old As String, New As String)

'NUMERO 000.00
If New.Length = 3 And cc=0 Then
New = New & "."
txtField1.Text = New
End If
If New.Length > 5 And cc=3 Then
Dim res As Float
res = txtField1.Text
txtField1.Text = NumberFormat(res,0,2)
ed2.RequestFocus 'PROX. EDIT_FIELD
End If
txtField1.SetSelection(txtField1.Text.Length, txtField1.Text.Length)

end sub
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