How make money with b4x?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Eme Fibonacci, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. Kiffi

    Kiffi Active Member Licensed User

    o_O I'm pretty sure that's not the way I want to make money.
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  2. Douglas Farias

    Douglas Farias Expert Licensed User

    its working for me :) 1,6m its a very good revenue for me :)
    is not any ilegal apps. if you have a lot of apps on google play you have too a big chance of ban on google play.
    impersonation, use of logos etc.... thats why the best way is make new accounts every time :), but u need have a very good patience, when lost one app, need to make again.
  3. tufanv

    tufanv Expert Licensed User

    You are wrong with saying "only way to make money is doing stg not covered". You can earn lots of my money with b4x, you just have to do it perfect and be consistent.
  4. moster67

    moster67 Expert Licensed User

    @Douglas Farias
    and what is your trick in creating a new account? We have read so many stories about many users getting banned and then being unable to create new accounts even using different emails, different credit cards etc.
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  5. Magma

    Magma Well-Known Member Licensed User

    impersonation, use of logos etc

    ...that is not healthy way.. is something like fraud... but from the other hand.... answers at how to make money... with b4x ?

    by way - if had dislike button - i already pressed that :)
  6. Cableguy

    Cableguy Expert Licensed User

    His English is sometimes not perfect.
    I guess he meant that Google may ban him on the assumption he is impersonating someone when in reality he is impersonating himself.
    Instead of "fighting" Google, seems he prefers to "go around the mountain"
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  7. JordiCP

    JordiCP Well-Known Member Licensed User

    There are more and more companies using B4X than I did imagine at first.

    Since several months ago, half of my incomes come from apps, libraries or customized code made with B4X for different companies (the other half are fw/hw projects), some of them one-man-companies, others a bit bigger. I can pay my bills and live reasonably well from it.
    Sometimes they use only B4X, or also different development tools, but when possible, I use B4X for new projects always with a perfect result!

    Never made money with Play Store apps, still have in mind to try again one day, who knows? :)
  8. LucaMs

    LucaMs Expert Licensed User

    Develop a beautiful sw/app; then someone...

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  9. Douglas Farias

    Douglas Farias Expert Licensed User

    Yes, new creditcard, vpn (new ip), new apps with diferent layout, names and package.
    i m compile my apps on diferents VPS´s, i dont know if this is necessary, but i m making and thats it.

    You can do applications honestly, but one thing is for sure. google will always find a way to ban you :)

    about the anothers replys, this is not a problem for me, the question is: how to make money with B4X, and I told how I make money today.

    people for or against, nothing will change in my life ;)
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  10. moster67

    moster67 Expert Licensed User

    I actually believe in this. Make many simple apps, even stupid ones and publish them. Higher chance that at least one of them will catch and bigger downloads. Then use your apps to market the other ones.
    I am going to try this idea this summer :)
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  11. Magma

    Magma Well-Known Member Licensed User

  12. Magma

    Magma Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Is it possible to keep it quiet- may be Erel gonna change the price now :)

    Say... making money... not easy... only for coffee and beer :) cheers! :)
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  13. LucaMs

    LucaMs Expert Licensed User

    My personal opinion, of course: Douglas is an unscrupulous person and, thanks to this, he "will go a long way" (literal translation from italian; maybe it should be: "get ahead", "lead the way", "move up", I don't know (please, let me know)); until the day he will be locked in a prison :p

    [I'm joking but this is what will really happen]
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  14. Star-Dust

    Star-Dust Expert Licensed User

    I'm curious, for what violation you are banned
  15. Magma

    Magma Well-Known Member Licensed User

    I m curious too... but may be is for different thread... like: 'My life - against law' - hope laughing my friend... and not make you bullying now.. sorry if..
  16. f0raster0

    f0raster0 Active Member Licensed User

    it's not about b4x (or any tool) or google/apple..

    it is about your business model!

    then the question could be which is your business model to make money.

    example: we develop solutions(electronic & App) for small business
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  17. sorex

    sorex Expert Licensed User

    only if there is a reason for.
    Not being conform to their guidelines is one of them but you usually just get an app removal from the app store and have some time to fix your issue and re-submit it.

    an instant full account ban probably means you cheated somewhere.
  18. xulihang

    xulihang Active Member Licensed User

    I think the problem with making money using B4X is that you cannot get employed by companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft. Even small companies require a grasp of Java and Spring Boot.

    So we B4X developer have to find our own business model, like developing for individuals/small companies. But I think most of us develop apps for our own purpose, like I am a translator and I write translation software for myself.
  19. ilan

    ilan Expert Licensed User

    You made half milion usd already? In 2 years? This is weired. All apps of you that you posted in the 100k club are dead. Jard to believe that u made 500k usd. Anyway i am coding for about 6 years and my account was never banned and i have a lot of apps.
    So its possible to keep your account alive if you follow the rules.
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  20. Star-Dust

    Star-Dust Expert Licensed User

    In 6 years you will have become a millionaire :p
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